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Meet our Owner




Cathy Howard

Cathy Howard, Director of Operations of Hope Ohio, LLC., a DODD agency provider, serving Central Ohio's special needs community. Cathy has just over 10 years of knowledge and experience working with individuals with disabilities. Prior to starting Hope Ohio she was an independent provider for DODD. Regularly volunteering at the Special Olympics, her love and compassion to assist parents and families has fueled her desires to assist the community. Recognizing a dire need for QUALITY caregivers with understanding and patience for the Intellectually and Developmentally Disabled-She founded HOPE OHIO!
Cathy is primarily responsible for training and guiding the Support Professionals in the delivery of services outlined in the county Individual Service Plan (ISP). She also develops the schedule of Support Professionals, ensuring the staffing levels are properly maintained in each home.​

Our Support Care Specialist Team

Each team includes highly trained Support Care Specialists, who are responsible for the direct implementation of homemaker personal care services, skill development programs, behavior support plans, and general interventions strategies. Support Care Specialist focus on the health and safety of the client, while promoting growth and independence. Support Care Specialists know that each day is an opportunity to build skills. Rather than just “doing for” a person, we assist individuals with being active in all aspects of their lives.​

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