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Payee Services

Individualized Financial Management

Hope Ohio provides individualized financial management to disabled individuals and seniors who are unable to manage their own financial affairs so they can live independently and gain financial self-sufficiency.

What We Offer

  • We account for all income and set up an individualized monthly budget.

  • We ensure bills are paid on time and that clients don’t go into debt they can’t handle.

  • We help protect our clients from financial exploitation.

  • We help build savings for unexpected expenses.

  • We ensure that the client’s essential living needs (food, housing, utilities, medical care, clothing, etc.) are being met each week.

  • We are a phone call away to respond when needed.

Access Our Services

To initiate our Payee Services, Hope Ohio must first receive a referral from the individual or a county board representative. Once the Social Security Administration officially delegates us as your payee, we will contact you to formulate a workable budget for your specific financial situation. We can also manage other forms of income such as pensions, paychecks, and settlement funds. 

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